How to Link PAN Card with Union Bank – Update Pan Card

Link PAN Card with Union Bank of India – Update Pan Card in Union Bank: In today’s article, we are going to inform you that how to link or update pan card number.

Even you will be able to update or link your pan card number to your Union Bank Online account mode yourself.

As we already know that the pan card liking task has been rather necessary and important to link with your bank account.

But after demonetization, it is not compulsory to link but also mandatory to be linked within time.

In view of government rule, not only a couple of banks but also every bank made it mandatory and also asks to link Pan Card.


How to Link PAN Card with Union Bank

If you are looking for the PAN Card linking process and how to update/ link PAN Card with Union Bank of India account then in this article you will get easy steps.

So that you may link/update your Pan Card number with your account as soon as possible.

Loss of not linking PAN number with Union Bank of India Account

According to government term and conditions, you will not be able to lead your account for long period without linking/updating PAN number.

Because Pan Number stands for (Permanent Account Number).

It is essential for your bank account otherwise you will be ineligible to complete several tasks in the banking field.

That is why you have to update your PAN card in your bank account.

Dear customers don’t be confused to think why the entire banks asking to link pan card.

So, the pan card is the unique identification, which is declared by our GOI (Government of India).

Now, on behalf of above-mentioned details if you intending to link your pan card number in Union Bank of India account.

Then remember Union bank of India provides you KYC form.

For that what you have to do must be thinking.

So, just visit your nearest Union Bank of India and collect the form then fill it correctly.

Important Uses of Pan Card

Now, let’s look at the uses of Pan Card, so that you may update your pan card number willingly.

For knowing the uses of it read following details carefully.

  • Proof of Identity
  • Opening a New Account (Maybe a Saving or a Current Account)
  • Depositing money more than Rs.50000/-
  • Buying Automobiles
  • Applying for credit card
  • Buying shares of value more than Rs.1 lakh
  • Opening DMAT Account

What if don’t Link Pan Card with Union Bank of India Account

It is time to know what if you don’t update your Pan Card in Union Bank of India Account.

Unfortunately, you are unable to update pan card then you may get the unacceptable loss.

Even you will not be able to understand that what you are going to lose.

To know about it deeply read following details, perhaps which may alert you.

  • Unluckily, if you don’t update your Pan Card details in Union Bank of India. Then the tax will be deducted from the interest earned on your deposits.
  • Luckily, if you are having Pan Card even not updating the details with Union Bank of India. Then you will not be able to obtain your tax deduction at source certificate from Union Bank of India.

How to Link PAN Card with Union Bank of India Account

Finally, we are on the verge of updating Pan Card number following below-mentioned steps one by one.

Before following below steps do remember to keep required documents with you.

  • First, visit the Union Bank of India home branch where you have opened your bank account.
  • Before visiting keep ready required documents such as photos, Xerox copy of your pan card along with original one, and then carry it.
  • Now, as you visit the bank ask for “KYC Form” or you may ask for Pan Card linking form
  • After receiving the application form fill it accordingly and attach your pan card photocopy and sign on it.
  • Now, you have following documents such as PAN CARD, KYC Form and write an application to the bank manager. Self-attested Xerox copy of your pan card of your original pan card.
  • Before deposing your documents check it once again and make sure you have carried the original pan card.
  • As it is required for verification purposes. If unfortunately, you found unable. Then the bank will reject your update request come what you will not be able to anything at that time.
  • But luckily you are having proper and complete documents then the bank will update your pan card with your account.
  • Don’t worry to think how much time it will take because it will update within an hour or given time.

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