How to make Union Bank credit card bill payment

By | October 19, 2017

Bank’s card will offer you a hassle free and secure shopping experience at an assortment of outlets and websites around the globe.

You can use the card for cash withdrawals at ATM centers.

cardholders can pay card bills through official website of UB/ BillPay / Rewardz/ and also through offline mode as per their convenience.

Through online mode, you make payment easily. you do not need to visit the bank and not need to stand in a long queue.

You can pay card bill by sitting in the comfort of your home or office.

Therefore here we provide you with some simple and easy way to make bills dues using Net banking.

Apart from this, if you want to take union bank business credit card, then you should check union bank credit card review before applying for the same.

Summary – Union Bank credit card bill payment

Union Bank credit card bill payment

A card becomes very popular among its users because it is easy to operate and easily transact money.

UB offers a wide range of card as per customers’ needs.

The card is available according to the lifestyle and banking needs of its users.

You can get union bank mastercard also easliy.

The card has its own features and the main benefit to the cardholder is the convenience, offer rewards, Flexi option, Refund of fuel surcharge, and Online dues payment facility through internet banking account.

How to make UB card bill payment

You can pay your card bill from the comfort of your home, by using net banking facility and online modes.

You have chosen any methods for union bank secured business credit card dues payment:-

:-Offline Mode

  • UB Branches
  • Auto-Debit

:-Online Mode

  • Through UB Online Banking
  • BillPay – BillDesk
  • By Rewardz

Making Dues through Offline Modes

By Visiting UB Branches: –

You can pay your monthly card bill through any of the branches of UB either through cheque or cash.

However, outstation cheques are not accepted.

The amount will be credited to your card account.

UB cardholder can make a cheque or Demand draft favoring UB card a/c No: xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx.

The cheque or draft need to deposit in any of the respective Base Branch. Mention your mobile at the back side of challan.

Auto Debit facility:-

The cardholders can opt the option to give instructions to debit the money from your account and transfer every month on the due date.

If the due date is on Sunday/holiday, the amount would be deducted on the next working day.

You can select to pay either the Total Amount Due or the Minimum Amount Due.

Make union bank credit card payment online

Using UB Online Banking:-

Pay card monthly bill using UB internet banking.

You just need to login to your internet banking account (by entering the User Id and Login Password) and make the dues.

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on “Retail User Login”
  • Enter the Login id and password at union bank online login page.
  • In home page of net banking open the “Transfer” tab and then click on “ card Bill”
  • Select the link of “card bill” and enter the details bank/Account, card No, input statement date, Amount and other. Then click on the “Submit” button.
  • Proceed the further, after submission of card bill. You can verify the details and check the status.

Through BillPay – BillDesk:-

UB cardholders can use to make an instant bill. It can be made and users can have access 24*7, without any charges imposed for making transactions.

To avail this service, customers first have to register for it or can submit BillPay Application Form to the bank.

Download BillPay Application Form:-

  • To Make it through Bill Pay follow free steps:-
  • Ger Enroll( By providing valid E-mail address)
  • Fill the authorization form
  • Choose the billers/ payees you wish to pay

By Rewardz:-

union bank business rewards redemption is the loyalty program initiated by UB for its Debit and cardholders.

The program allows its members to earn reward points on all transactions made through their UB Debit & cards at POS (Point of Sale) or E-Commerce outlets.

You can also check union bank visa rewards. Now,

  • To make the same, visit the official website
  • Click on “card payment”
  • Accept term and condition by tick on the checkbox.

Step 1:- Provide your card Details

Enter your 16 Digit card number, re-enter card number and amount you want to pay.

Steps 2:- Verify and Confirm details

You will be shown transaction acknowledgment screen where you will confirm the details.

Step 3:- Online Confirmation

You will receive an online transaction receipt.

You will receive transaction acknowledgment by Email/SMS.

Union bank credit card customer service

All-India (Toll Free number): 1800 22 22 44 or 1800 208 2244 (union bank 24 hour customer service)

Dedicated Number (NRI customers): 918025302510

Credit card call centre number: 1800 22 32 22 (toll free number) or 022-40426008 (charged)

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